REACH supports PentaTr@ining in Russia

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Online learning with Penta tr@ining and REACH

REACH partners supported the PentaTr@ining online Russian course which took place June-August 2020.

The training was requested by partners at the Republican Hospital of Infectious Diseases in response to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on HIV-infected women and children – topics covered epidemiology of HIV and the direct and indirect impact of COVI-19, use of ART, PMTCT, resistance and second line therapy, TB and HIV, HCV, adolescents and HIV, research updates and methodology.


Faculty members were a mixture of PentaTr@ining and European and Russian experts from REACH centres of excellence. The course took place over 10 weeks with one webinar per week and approximately 520 delegates attended from 61 regions across the Russian Federation.