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REACH abstract accepted at international workshop

The REACH project has had an abstract on “Trends in new HIV diagnoses in children and adolescents in Russia, and risk of disengagement from care” by E Milanzi, S Crichton, Y Plotnikova et al, selected for a poster presentation at the 24th International Workshop on HIV...

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Training workshop for adolescents in Irkutsk, 7-8 May

A two-day educational training workshop for adolescents living with HIV took place in Irkutsk on May 7-8, 2019. Organized by the REACH project as part of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) platform, this workshop involved a group of young people in the Irkutsk Regional...

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Russia’s burgeoning HIV epidemic

Dealing with issues that are central to the REACH project, the Lancet journal has published a revealing editorial outlining the growing HIV epidemic in Russia. It addresses the disappointing levels of progress in HIV healthcare in the country and some of the...

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REACH: Kick-off Meeting

“Today in St. Petersburg, the city of bridges, we are building a new bridge between Russia and Europe” Carlo Giaquinto The beautiful setting of St. Petersburg, Russia played host to the REACH Kick-off Meeting on 11-12 February 2019. Over 40 consortium partners...

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